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Geographic Technology Applications Center (GTAC)

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Geographic Technology Applications Center

About Us

Every day, geography plays a big role—often the deciding role—in policy making and business planning. That is why an increasing number of decision makers in government and business are relying on geographic information systems to help them analyze demographics, address land-management issues and identify population trends. In fact, the applications for geographic technology know no boundaries.

The Geographic Technology Applications Center (GTAC) at the University of Denver provides researchers who can help you collect, organize and analyze your geographic data. Whatever the requirement, think of geographic information as your solution.

GTAC provides the platform you need to make informed decisions and maximize your organization’s potential.

Are you in need of a demographic analysis? A demographic analysis can provide answers to clarify which cities and neighborhoods provide the best opportunities for expansion. Are you looking to advance your understanding of crime patterns across the country? Do you want to analyze first-responder resource allocation in your region? Using geospatial modeling and forecasting, our experts can generate scenarios and provide your agency with timely exact information and coordinates.

GTAC has the answer to your needs through workshops, technical assistance, spatial data warehousing and idea incubation, as well as information and knowledge management.

Whether you work in the public or private sector, whether you shape policy or formulate business strategies, chances are you will benefit from up-to-date geographic data. Detailed spatial analysis can help you visualize your data so you can address the critical challenges that lie ahead.

GTAC will apply geographic technology solutions to diverse needs; the center has special capabilities for helping organizations, businesses and agencies concerned with:

  • homeland security
  • law enforcement
  • public works
  • land management
  • transportation planning
  • urban planning
  • public administration

Additionally, GTAC’s services include:

  • spatial data analysis
  • digital cartography
  • 3-D representation of incidents and events
  • ground surveys and GPS field mapping

About GTAC at DU

GTAC is housed in the Department of Geography at the University of Denver. GIS facilities cover more than 4,300 square feet. Lab facilities include a 25-seat GIS instructional lab, a 17-seat advanced GIS lab, a remote sensing lab, and a GPS/UAS lab. A community GPS base station serving the Front Range of Colorado is mounted on the roof of the building. The University of Denver has an ESRI University Site License, making most ESRI software products available. We also maintain current licenses of ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, and other GIS and image-processing software.

Collaborative Research

GTAC is seeking to establish collaborative arrangements with other members of the research and GIS development community, including industry, small business, universities and other research institutes. We believe that such arrangements can be mutually beneficial and are necessary in today’s competitive environment. Please contact GTAC if you would like to discuss a teaming arrangement to complement your organization’s capabilities.